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Sunday, December 6, 2015: My column in the Casper Star Tribune, "'Our way of life' brings lasting damage" came in tandem with a commentary by Beth Bro Howard, "Take action against Gun violence." Ms. Howard urges national steps toward this virulent health threat. You can look it up in the trib.com e-Edition.

In July 2015 I created a "Hemp Diaries" facebook that consists of commentaries published in the WTE and CST, plus pics, similar to a page on this website page by the same name. 

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Last year I created a discussion group that addresses my columns and those of a couple of dear colleagues. Please see edith-cook@googlegroups.com or  http://groups.google.com/group/edith-cook 

I've loved Dustin Bleizeffer's Wyofile ever since it came online. Also I admire him for standing by Kerry Drake, whom he hired after Drake got shafted by the Casper Star Tribune. On Dec. 17, 2013, WyoFile brought us some interesting insights into the behind-the-scenes wrangling over the resignation of UW's President Sternberg.

I also love WTE columns by Rodger McDaniel

Some of my essays appear on ReaderSupportedNews.org or rsn.org under "Writing for Godot" Most recent one: Feb 14, 2013, "British Petroleum in Wyoming--and Beyond"

Jan 11, 2013: Just found a link on teaching solar / thermal heating in Wyoming. See also programs at Wild Wonderful Wyoming:



Sunday 6 January 2013: Bill McKibben via the  British Guardian: 



Website of TEDX, the Endocrine Disruption Exchange, IN., founded by Dr. Theo Colborn. It explains how even very low doses of fracking chemicals adversely affect human embryonic development that cause a host of health and reproductive problems later in life. On website, an educationally important CD is available for free, What You Need to Know About Natural Gas Production. 

This is an article on uranium mining in  Wyoming that's contaminating aquifers with radioactive waste. Wyofile.com publishes excellently on Wyoming news. In July 2012 it published an extensive piece on the UWYCarbon Sink controversy by Professor Jeff Lockwood.

Also on uranium mining, with attached report of comparisons with Canada, France, and Florida: http://www.southernenvironment.org/cases/uranium_mining_in_virginia 


Inside Climate News  link  to a July 2012  essay that explains how the gas industry is seeking to block the 2030 Zero-Carbon building goal, claiming it would undermine its reputation as a "green" energy source.

Trailer to film on mountain-top removal, Burning the Future http://www.specialtystudios.com/page.asp?content_id=13736

This is the trailer on the film about glacier collapse, Chasing Ice, winner of the 2012 Sundance Film Festival: www.chasingice.com

This is on Canada's geothermal energy: http://www.environmentalsociety.ca/main/blog-posts/drill-baby-drill-for-geothermal-heat/ 

from a petroleum magazine on geothermal energy production: http://www.theogm.com/2011/06/20/geothermal-in-the-oil-field-%E2%80%93-the-next-emerging-energy-market/?-the-next-emerging-energy-market/

This link is the best piece of writing about "Carbon Sink" since inception of this controversy.  It's incisive and powerful in the analysis of what UW might have done. Sent Dec. 18, 2012, from a reader.



From a reader who responded to the "Idling" column of Dec. 17, 2012, who points out that the "negative" discussion on diesel engines is based on models produced before 2007.  This web site offers info on a diesel/electric that gets 70 mpg:  http://www.popularmechanics.com/cars/alternative-fuel/diesel/4338734

The Chevy Cruz diesel sold in Europe and Australia makes 50 mpg and is priced considerably less than the Toyota Prius:  http://gas2.org/2012/04/19/gms-chevy-cruze-diesel-rated-at-72-4-mpg-in-uk/

Bill McKibben's piece of Aug 8, 2012, on global warming in Rolling Stone: www.350.org/rollingstone

This is a link to writer friends in Northern Colorado whose workshops and conferences I have enjoyed. www.northerncoloradowriters.com

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