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It is early Mach 2017; I am about to leave Texas to return to Wyoming. Have a major writing project in the works--maybe it's a good thing I am no longer writing weekly newspaper columns. You'll readabout it soon! 

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Front cover of Edith Cook's

                                     Front cover of my poetry book


Son Walter in Wyoming, riding Western and loving his dogs and his horse, an Arabian named Amir Shallar. Walter was fourteen when he gained Amir through an essay competition in 4-H. The colt had been donated to the youth agency through a stable owned by the Hearst Family in California.

 "Off Guard,"  below, is personal experience translated into fiction. The mare Hershey and the journey with her to the tallow works depicted in  the story  were my own.

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Below is a dated curriculum vitae of my several careers. (I've been retired for ten years now.) The CV is preceded by a compilation of self-reflective comments from my classes at Austin Peay University

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Below are the Proposal and Table of Contents of my envisioned book

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My column writings appear in other pages of this website. 

November 2016: A slightly abbreviated recent essay, "Windy Acres," was featured  in the nonfiction section of Blood, Water, Wind, and Stone: An Anthology of Wyoming Writers. Please see entry on the left.

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This poem tells of an injured hawk

RED.pdf RED.pdf
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This is a barely-remembered war incident

CrawlingIntoOven (2).pdf CrawlingIntoOven (2).pdf
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Here I recognize that my spouse is deathly ill

Guadalquivir (2).pdf Guadalquivir (2).pdf
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This poem speaks in the voice of Friedrich Nietzsche's alter-alter ego, the ancient Persian sage Zarathustra

Zarathustra (2).pdf Zarathustra (2).pdf
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                Back cover of my poetry book


Below is the horse I owned when I wrote "Off Guard" and some of the above poems.

In this picture my lower leg is positioned incorrectly. Sorry! I have no other snapshots of me and Star Jasmine.