Where my new home is going to be, a hole has been dug to pour cement for the foundation. Piles of dirt are heaped in next year'd garden and greenhouse. It's been raining nonstop since excavation; worse, A May snowstorm is due to arrive tomorrow which means, the foundation is a ways off. Oh, well.

My Cheyenne house will be on the market soon. It's larger than what I am building, partly because my son used to stay overnight when his job brought him to an early-morning legislative appearance during annual sessions. He was the state's veterinarian then. In those days I provided daycare for my granddaughter Amanda.All this fell by the wayside when Walter accepted a teaching position at Texas A & M and wife and daughter joined him after Amanda completed sixth grade last June. Hence my decision to leave Cheyenne and settle on my farmland.

The land has fallen into disuse though at the moment a rancher uses it for grazing five months out of the year. My long-range plan, to the consternation of family, is to become a hemp farmer. Well, this is a ways off since Wyoming's legislators are disinclined to make hemp production legal in our state. I've lobbied their ag committee but so far without success.