Yoga in the Park is offered this summer on Wednesday evenings. It takes place in the Cheyenne Botanic Garden's Peace Garden, in Lions Park. It's free of charge.

For me, the exercise is strenuous. The yoga instructor is an accomplished young woman, and so are many participants, who, apparently, are clients in her studio. I've had to modify some of the moves in deference to my body.

Still, the experience is intensely enjoyable. The setting couldn't be more congenial, and the exercise is close to meditation. We leave the Peace Garden refreshed and serene.

Not that this wipes away my worries over climate forcings, which makes itself felt more than ever this summer--with abnormally high temps, droughts, and wildfire. Scientists warn that climate disruption via greenhouse-gas emissions is the single biggest threat to humanity's survival. Already we may be at the point of no return.

Nevertheless, for a few hours, I am at peace. Yoga helps me keep going, one step at a time.