As you know, I write a weekly column that appears in the two large Wyoming newspapers, the WTE and the CST., and I post these on this website after they have appeared in print. A few months ago,when the WTE along with several smaller Wyoming newspapers, was acquired by APG Media of the Rockies, all local columnists were informed we would no longer be paid for our services. What a way to increase CEO pay! They do, however, continue to pay national columnists, some of whom are no better at writing then the local columnists who address issues of interest to Wyomingites.

Actually, the Casper Star Tribune never paid me; it rode piggy-back on the WTE. 

The new owners also ousted some employees, including my long-time editor, Reed Eckhardt, which means the remaining employees have to shoulder the laid-off employees; work in addition to their own. BTW, we were told that, if we mentioned the compensation issue in our writing, that column would not be published; that's why I mention it here. Reed Eckhardt began writing a blog where he describes his calamity as a kind of death. He is now running for city council in Ward One. Let's wish him all the best.