Yes, that's what my life is at the moment--and I have yet to figure out how to make lemonade. One setback concerns my wheat field, which my contractor refuses to farm any more. No other farmer in the area will to take it on, either: because of climate change, the harvest is increasingly marginal. Henceforth, I'm looking at zero income from this investment. The land will lie fallow. 

My California sons, too, are down in the dumps, worried that they and their spouses may be laid off. I'd hoped to have something in reserve for an emergency, but that's increasingly unlikely. I'll be grateful not to have to depend on them as I age. But, who knows?

I tell myself, others have lost their nest egg, to irresponsible investors, banks, or mortgage providers. But other people's misfortune is no consolation. Life in the US appears increasingly bleak--unless you're one of the few super wealthy people at the top. Wonder if they are happy? Or do they get down and out like the rest of us?