I love my vegetable garden, and I love to share its bounty. 

"Your blue potatoes taste good," a child at a school function said and hugged me. 

 "I am glad you like them," I said. "They are from my garden." I had brought the potatoes to a school lunch, microwaved them in the kitchen, peeled and cut them into chunks and offered them with a bit of butter and salt. 

My garden is my friend in times of stress, my physical therapist when I ache, my outlet for sharing joy. Recently, when the first night frost was forecast, I harvested the last of my tomatoes, cucumbers, and kohlrabi. I'd even raised a couple of small pumpkins! Then I spaded my garden--yes, I spade it--and spread mulch over the freshly-turned soil. Now it's time to rake leaves and crunch them into my compost bin. Soon snow will cover my veggie patch and I'll cook and freeze tomatoes, kohlrabi, and pumpkin. 

Yes, and I'll eat blue potatoes.