At the eve of 2013, wishing you moments of peace and mindfulness. Moments is all we have.

Thus begins the message of the week to my readers. I am, of course, paraphrasing Jonathan Kabat-Zinn, whose books have influenced me deeply.

My grandchildren, pictured above at a wedding a few years ago, seem the very incarnation of a young new year. N ow that they are a few years older, they have accumulated the corresponding baggage. Nothing stays new for long.

Will they be blessed with moments of peace? Will they know mindfulness? Or will they hurry through life, ever attempting to catch something essential, as I myself did through many a decade? Alas, much as we wish we were able to do so, we cannot transfer our experience and what we gained from it into the mind of others so that they might learn without having to go through the pain of it. At this point in he lives of my grandchildren, "peace" likely sounds like something boring, wrapped-up as they are in digital fantasies. And mindfulness? I'm sure they think they can do without it.  

Still, this is what I wish I could bring them. A few moments of peace. An occasional glimpse of mindfulness.