Several months have passed without my posting any comments. The truth is, I was very involved in the sale of my home, the building of a new house, and, in between, addressing deferred maintenance on my son & family's vacated home near Vedauwoo. I'm just now coming up for air. Hope to post pics about my new abode, as soon as I figure out how to upload from my phone camera.

Another thing is, writing my weekly column is time-consuming if satisfying. I recently was invited to give a talk in Casper, to the Democratic Women's Forum. It was gratifying to hear many comments on my writing. In an audience of around fifty, about half made mention to me, before and after my talk, of something I wrote that captured their imagination.

A reader wrote recently that she appreciates my columns, which, she says, “are often the singular enlightening and enjoyable reading amidst the horrors befalling the refugees, politicians dishing up fear and loathing, and even the local criminal element the newspaper dutifully reports on.”

The reader urges me to keep at it, saying that there are many readers “out here” who “support the environment and diversity and look forward to your articles.” 

It's kudos like the above that make writing enjoyable. I post all my columns on another page of this website but I think I'll copy the upcoming one here also, for it's a personal narrative that explains what I've been up to.