This church in College Station is one I attended last year. When I attended earlier this month, I learned that the church & grounds had ben "condemned" via Eminent Domain: the city wants the property in order to expand the streets going--the church sits on a corner.

"We got a good settlement," a trustee told me. "We'll be able to build a new church--but need to find the right location."

Until then, the congregation and its pastor will use the Jewish Hillel Center on A&M's campus to hold services.

"We've used it before," I was told. "Its rabbi has been guest speaker at some of our services."

Below are some pics. First, the final day at its location on Wellborn Street: The pastor, a group of fine musicians, a child before a poster; children at play in January's pile of autumn leaves; group pic of congregation.



 Yours truly in front at center: gray slacks, red, gray top 

Now, at its temporary location, TAMU's Hillel Center: The bassoonist, the congregation, the pastor.