In spite of a bit of arthritis in my left foot, I enjoy walking and hiking. (The arthritis pain usually occurs at night.) The pic below shows a group of women walkers, myself included, on a hike on Wyoming's Pole Mountain. This group walks every Wednesday; hence, they call themselves Wednesday Walkers. I am third on the left. Several dogs are in the picture as well, though not easily recognizable. 

Last week I spent two days in Estes Park in northern Colorado. A friend who currently works at the Estes Park YMCA had invited me. She took the two days off and we participated on a "beaver ponds" hike. In the evening th
ere was a lecture. The next day we joined an exercise class in the Y's swimming pool.

We also paid a short visit to nearby Rocky Mountain National Park. Both at the National Park and at Estes the fall colors were brilliant--huge stands of aspen in all their golden-yellow splendor.

When you live alone it's sometimes hard to make the decision to visit somewhere outside your comfort zone. Then it's good to have friends who nudge you along.