Echoes of Melody: Spotlight on Saratoga and Cheyenne, WY

Welcome to Miss Edith's realm, a space dedicated to writing, creative expression, guitar and vocal performances, and reflections on retirement. In the heart of this digital haven, we shine a light on the guitarists of Cheyenne and the writers of Saratoga. Miss Edith invites friends, family, fellow writers, and music enthusiasts to delve into the narratives of guitarists, writers, and speakers in Wyoming and beyond.
MAAFA Speakers in Cheyenne Add Emotion to Competence
As Miss Edith explores themes of unresolved grief in her life and in the African American experience, she taps into the eloquence of Ta-Nehisi Coates's powerful work, Between the World and Me. Coates's exploration of mourning and grief regarding the senseless slaying of a fellow student alongside historical trauma endured by African Americans, serves as a poignant backdrop for the introspective discussions in the MAAFA-Sankofa communities in Cheyenne and beyond.
Mohamed Salih: A Familiar Face in the MAAFA Circle
Mohamed Salih is well-known in this community and a longstanding friend of Miss Edith. Dr. Salih directed a weekly Islamic prayer service at Unitarian Universalist Church of Cheyenne. His relocation to Denver has not dimmed his impact in Cheyenne.
Rafaël Feuillâtre: A Virtuoso from Djibouti via France
Enter the realm of jaw-dropping virtuosity with Rafaël Feuillâtre, a guitarist born in Djibouti, Africa, during a time of civil unrest. Adopted at an early age, he grew up in Cholet, France, infusing his compositions with a blend of African and French influences. Miss Edith shares details of Feuillâtre's performance in Cheyenne, highlighting the global connections of guitarists in Cheyenne WY.
The High Altitude Harmonies of Saratoga
As Miss Edith left Platte County, she tries to acclimate to life in Saratoga. Nestled against the Snowy Range Mountains, Saratoga provides a scenic backdrop for Miss Edith's explorations, including a bird walk with the Audubon Society and hiking  around Lewis Lake.
Unveiling Personal Struggles and Resilience
Miss Edith shares personal struggles in her columns, from unresolved grief to adverse experiences. A column titled "How Racism Began" explores how immigrant like her "learn to be white." Another column, "Behind Bars in 2023" discusses what he learned during nine days in a Kansas jail. Her writing in the Cheyenne Post opens a window into her life and invites readers to share her journey of resilience and introspection.
Guitarist Chronicles: Cheyenne's String Experts
The community of guitarists in Cheyenne is a symphony of diverse practices, influences, and shared interests, from banjo to mandolin to 12-string guitar. Miss Edith's blog is a portal into a world where the power of music and the resilience of the human spirit converge.
Final Note
"Echoes of Melody" is an invitation to explore the narratives of grief, resilience, and creativity within the scene of guitarists  and writers in Cheyenne, Saratoga, and beyond. As Miss Edith continues her writing and guitar playing, she leaves a mark on the digital landscape that resonates with readers and music enthusiasts alike. The communities where she speaks and performs are a testament to the creativity that touch our lives.