Life's Melodies

Welcome to Miss Edith's space for creative expression and insightful opinion. As a seasoned writer at the Cheyenne Post, Miss Edith invites you on a journey through her experiences, reflections, and the stories that shape her life.
Creative Writer Navigates Unresolved Grief
and African American Narratives
Miss Edith's writing delves into unresolved grief, both at the personal level and in the African American experience. She intertwines her journey with the mourning and grief going bck to the displacement and dispersal of Africans as slaves. Along the way, Miss Edith focuses on the ongoing injustices and discriminations suffered by Black Amerians. Grief over lives lost to unjustified police violence is ever present, along with the rage that accompanies unresolved grief.
The words of Ta-Nehisi Coates in Between the World and Me provides a lens into the grief and rage experienced by many African Americans. For an in-depth exploration, readers are encouraged to visit the "Columns Cheyenne Post" page on Miss Edith's site.
Fellow Speakers and Musicians
Sometimes Miss Edith focuses on a talk by a fellow speaker like Mohamed Salih, a friend with a history that dates to his UUCC Islamic prayer services. His presentations added richness to the Cheyenne community.
Rafaël Feuillâtre, a guitarist born in Djibouti, Africa, and raised in Cholet, France, captures jaw-dropping virtuosity. His performance in Cheyenne is a testament to the global influences on the local guitar scene as narrated in Miss Edith's essay titled "Monsieur" on the "Columns Cheyenne Post" page.
Resilience in Saratoga, WY
Miss Edith's journey continues as she settles into Saratoga, WY, acclimating to the high altitude and embracing the beauty of the Snowy Range mountains. From a bird walk with the Audubon Society to hiking adventures around Lewis Lake, Miss Edith offers a view into her life in this Wyoming town.
Personal Narratives and Challenges
Miss Edith confronts personal challenges in a column entitled "Behind Bars in 2023." This introspective piece, published on June 19, 2023, explains a difficult time in her life. The column, available at the Cheyenne Post, provides a poignant glimpse into resilience and courage.
Creative Writer Chronicles Adversity
In the face of adversities, Miss Edith turns to her craft as a Cheyenne Post Columns Writer. Her journey to recover from challenges becomes a testament to the healing power of writing. Miss Edith shares her insights and reflections in columns that bridge the gap between her experiences and the hearts of readers.
Miss Edith's Literary Odyssey
"Penning Tales" is an invitation to witness the journey of a creative writer at the Cheyenne Post. Miss Edith's words transcend the digital realm, offering a glimpse into th grief, resilience, and creativity that define her life. The opinion writer pens narratives that bridge the gaps between personal experiences and universal truths. Join Miss Edith on this literary odyssey, where each tale is a brushstroke in the masterpiece of her creative journey.